Using Schedule Insight you can:

  1. Reduce the risk of operational failures when changing your mission critical schedules
  2. Boost Productivity by reducing the cost of Schedule development and improving the quality of delivered schedules
  3. Assure success by instantly visualising the current schedule design, providing 'Big Picture' context, aiding communication, understanding and supportability
  4. Identify and explore Critical Paths in your Schedules, Optimise Schedule run times using the Critical Path Analysis information
  5. Fast Track job run failure analysis, Search for job runs, display and compare run outputs side by side, compare outputs from different DBs
  6. Quickly locate where Custom, built-in or group variables or file paths are being used. Search for any textual data using wildcard matching
  7. Visualise Job Run Trends, Identify poorly performing schedules and verify schedule completion times vs SLA targets using the Operational reports
  8. Visualise Calendar design and relationships, identify what may be affected if you change an existing calendar definition
  9. Easily identify changes to the Schedule using the powerful Comparision features
  10. Measure and Identify Schedule design complexity using the Design reports
  11. Design and run your own reports and integrate them with the applications menus
  12. Run the reports automatically using Tidal Scheduler
  13. Export Schedules to Excel